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Why Meat Grinder Clogs Up? and How To Fix It?

clogged meat grinder

Clogging is the most common problems encountered when people grind their meat in meat grinders. Some people are overusing meat grinders to embrace fatty bones and parts even without considering the capacity of the meat grinder. Everyone needs to remember the fact that not all meat grinders function the same way. It is not too difficult to solve if you know just exactly what to do and how to maintain it.

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How Does a Meat Grinder Work

A Meat Grinder Works By Pushing Meat Through Sharp Blades

If you are thinking about grinding meat at home, you might have wondered how does a meat grinder work? While on the surface meat grinders might seem intimidating and complex machines, they are simple devices that are designed for the single task of grinding meat. You can use attachments with a meat grinder to get the meat in your desired consistency and flavor. You can also use meat grinders for grinding different types of meat, nuts, vegetables, cheese, herbs and much more.

In this article, we are going to take a look at how a meat grinder works and how you can make the best use of your meat grinder for grinding meat in your kitchen.

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Vintage Meat Grinder – Complete Guide

Vintage Meat Grinder on a Shelf

There is something unique about vintage meat grinders that makes them a coveted item for culinary enthusiasts. While the modern meat grinders come with a range of features and specialized attachments, vintage meat grinders were simply about form and function that resulted in a job done well. It didn’t hurt the reputation of the vintage meat grinders that they looked great on a shelf and offered amazing usage for grinding all kinds of meat.

Are you looking for a vintage meat grinder as a decoration piece or for use in your kitchen? Well, in this article, we are going to take a look at different aspects of the vintage meat grinders, where to buy them, how to buy them, how to use and care for these beautiful works of kitchen history.

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How To Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades


If you have your restaurant or you cook for your family at home, sharpening the meat grinder blades regularly will help you. By doing this, the grinding meat will be easy for cooking.

Steps are straightforward to follow to sharpen meat grinder. Thus, we always spend time looking for places of sharpening meat grinder blades. It makes no sense in wasting time to search for the ways, read on to find out the steps to sharpen meat grinder blades and help you to solve your problem instantaneously.

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How To Clean Meat Grinder

Everyone wants to grind meat in a clean condition meat grinder. Cleaning your meat grinder is the most essential or vital habit you need to have to maintain your meat grinder. Whether you use an electric meat grinder or manual meat grinder, you should ensure it is spotless when you do your meat processing.

Cleaning includes all the included components like the blade, grinding plates, sausage attachments, food hopper, and kubbe attachment. Mostly, it’s advisable to clean your meat grinder before and after use. Then, you can store it in a clean dust-free environment.

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Can You Grind Bones in a Meat Grinder?

Can You Grind Bones In A Meat Grinder

Meat grinders used to be an old-school method of grinding meat and bones earlier, but these days, a lot of people have started to invest in meat grinders for their kitchen usage. Be it for preparing their meals in the kitchen or even for the pets’ meals, meat grinders are incredibly efficient.

When you invest in a meat grinder, you save up a lot of costs on purchasing ground meat from the market. Not just that; it is way more hygienic because of less contamination when you grind your meat at home. Apart from that, you can enjoy fresh ground meat rich in flavor for yourself which is ground according to your preference!

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Meat Grinder Uses

Meat Grinder Uses

Meat grinders have recently become a favorite stable kitchen appliance for a lot of households that consume meat on a regular basis. People have slowly started to become aware of the various carcinogenic chemicals that go into processing foods especially ready to eat burgers or processed, fried items that use ground meat.

Junk food has the highest amount of processed chemicals and preservatives which cause a lot of adverse health conditions in the long run. This is why a lot of households invest in a meat grinder to enjoy fresh, chemical-free ground meat for their families.

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