What is a Kubbe Attachment On a Meat Grinder

Kubbe gets its name from an Arab cuisine dish that has a hollow tube of minced meat. Kubbe, also transliterated as kibbeh and koubba, is a simple, tasty dish made by encasing spiced lamb in a wheat-based shell.

Kubbe Attachment On A Meat Grinder
Kubbe Attachment On A Meat Grinder

Kubbe attachment makes a significant part of the meat grinder. It is used to create hollow tubes of minced meat with the addition of wheat flour in the meat grinder. The Kubbe tubes are filled with various fillings which after the process of the meat grinder can be fried in the grill or the oven.

Many sources offer a large number of recipes for making different Kibbeh recipes that you may be fond of. At the same time, experimenting with a composition of fillers are an excellent opportunity to create your unique recipe which would give you a satisfying taste.

If you have obtained a meat grinder or are about to buy one for your stand mixer, you may have been mystified to discover a “kubbe” attachment among the different grinder add-ons. This article talks about how the Kubbe attachment is intended to speed up and simplify the time for preparing the dishes for your loved ones.

A Kubbe Primer

Kubbe was traditionally intensive, calling for the lamb to be very finely minced and seasoned before stuffing it in its dough shell. The dough was prepared from a portion of the minced lamb and bulgur wheat which is mixed into a stiff paste and subsequently shaped into hollow ovals. That desirable combination of thinness and length is much easier to achieve with a kubbe attachment on your meat grinder.

Using the Attachment

To use the kubbe attachment, unplug your meat grinder, remove the grinder plates and grinder blade.

Kubbe attachments are typically manufactured in two portions: the threaded and the extruder tube, and a ring-shaped flange that holds it in the vicinity. Drop the cease of the tube through the flange, and then lock the flange in the region over the end of the meat grinder. Fill its hopper along with your kubbe dough, and start the meat grinder motor. The kubbe attachment will flip out a protracted, hole cylinder of flawlessly thin, even dough. Cut those tubes into even lengths of 1/2 to 4 inches, as favored, and fill them with spiced lamb. Once sealed at every end, the kubbe may be either baked or fried until crisp and golden brown.

1) Different plate discs for minced meat

These meat grinder plate disks process – meat, vegetables, poultry, fish, and many more

Usually, it’s made up of stainless steel with numerous holes over the entire area. A diameter of kubbe attachment holes impacts the consistency of finished minced meat. Therefore, the current models have usually multiple disks with holes of various diameters. Typically, the contemporary meat grinders use disks with a diameter of holes of about 3, 5, and 8 mm.

2) Juicing, Sausage, and Shredding

Sausage attachment is attached, forming the sausages from the grinder outlet. But, the uniformity of sausage attachment filling is manually adjustable. The standard complete set usually contains from 1 to 3 different attachments to cook sausages of dissimilar diameters.

Shredding attachment is a drum made of longitudinal slots for cutting your meat tubes into different sizes which would later be used to make the final filling of your favorite meat. The size of the longitudinal slots affects the thickness and length of the slices. This attachment is slotted into the housing as a substitute for the auger. Modern meat grinder’s models have from 1 to 3 drums with different sizes of the slits.

All the above are needed to give you the scrumptious Kubbe your heart pounds to dine on.


Kubbe is a favorite Middle Eastern food which is attached in a meat grinder.

Two pieces lightweight aluminum kubbe attachment for making that dish is designed expressly for Kitchen Aid mixers and fits on the Kitchen Aid Meat Grinder Attachment. The two pieces, when put together, measure about 2-inch diameter, 1-1/2 inch height. Kubbe Attachment helps you to prepare delicious dishes.

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Great article. I just replaced my grinder with a Altra. It has a KUBBE attachment. Did not know what that was.


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