Why Meat Grinder Clogs Up? and How To Fix It?

Clogging is the most common problems encountered when people grind their meat in meat grinders. Some people are overusing meat grinders to embrace fatty bones and parts even without considering the capacity of the meat grinder. Everyone needs to remember the fact that not all meat grinders function the same way. It is not too difficult to solve if you know just exactly what to do and how to maintain it.

Some meat grinders are prone to clogging. So, keep in mind that the cleanliness is of paramount responsibility. Not all meat grinders are made to do the same work – some can cut chicken or meat bones with ease while others will break down if there’s so much as an ounce of fat in the meat.

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Here are some of the additional facts that will help you in solving the problems and prevent the meat grinders from clogging:

1) Trim off excess sinew and fat from your meat before grinding

It is not an issue with most upscale kind of electric meat grinders but if you are using an entry-level meat grinder made up of plastic for its parts, you might want to do this step before running an entire meat grinding process.

2) Do the same for bear with the bones

Some people like grinding the meat bone together with the meat to feed it to their pets, but if your grinder is not equipped with the needed parts to successfully grind the bones, you need to have a wonky grinder on your hands.

3) Maintain the cleanliness of cutting plates and blades

These are the parts that where you cut and grind your meat, so you need to make sure that they are sharp. Frequent utilization of meat grinder can dull them over time, so it’s best to detach important parts and sharpen the blades.

4) Clean the blades

It is imperative to clean the blades properly.

Corrosion appears on blades, and it can dull the blades due to the cause of rust. After washing the blades, make sure you quickly dry them properly by using a wet cloth or towel. Immediately wipe the blades and plates using a dry towel and place the parts on your countertop to dry completely. Unless they are scorched, do not assemble them because corrosion can set in, especially if you are using a grinder that is not entirely made from stainless steel.

5) Properly clean your meat grinder

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Clogging is caused by sinew and fat accretion. A few meat grinders are prone to clogging while some are not. If your meat grinder tends to clog often, you would need to disassemble the cutting blades and plates frequently to wash them. If you find any sluggishness in the grinding process, you need to clean the parts.

It is best to its parts to wash the parts in lukewarm soapy water or considering water mixed with a jiffy of baking soda. Baking soda removes oil residues effectively.

If you don’t have sufficient time to clean your meat grinder, then try grinding a piece of bread first. This will help you to get rid of some of the collected sinew and grease in your grinder.

6) Reduce the meat size

Instead of grinding big pieces of meat, cut them first into smaller pieces so they won’t physically tax your meat grinder. It is also easier to grind frozen or cold meat than room temperature meat. This method is also reducing the instances of clogging.

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Christin - July 11, 2019

My little knife cutter broke what happened, this was a $300 meatgrinder, I was just going with my business if grinding up some meat always kept it clean, have had this a longtime maybe 10 years?


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