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Meat grinders have recently become a favorite stable kitchen appliance for a lot of households that consume meat on a regular basis. People have slowly started to become aware of the various carcinogenic chemicals that go into processing foods especially ready to eat burgers or processed, fried items that use ground meat.

Junk food has the highest amount of processed chemicals and preservatives which cause a lot of adverse health conditions in the long run. This is why a lot of households invest in a meat grinder to enjoy fresh, chemical-free ground meat for their families.

Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder


With e-commerce booming and the prices of products being slashed down, one can easily purchase a meat grinder of their choice online that also fits their budget. A lot of household appliance brands are also creating their own range of meat grinders by noticing the increase in the demand for these kitchen appliances.

Back in the days, there were only manual meat grinders which would not only take time to grind the meat, but also take a lot of effort in order to get the right coarseness of the meat. Nowadays, you can browse through a variety of different electric meat grinders which have different blades for the different coarseness of the ground meat.

Weston Manual Meat Grinder

When you think of purchasing a meat grinder, the first thing that comes to your mind is grinding meat, and that’s about it. But there are a lot of different ways in which you can use your meat grinder not just for grinding meat for your meals but also for your pet’s meals! Here, are a few of the uses of a meat grinder –

1) To grind raw bones

A heavy-duty electric grinder can easily grind raw bones of chicken, duck, rabbit, rodents, and turkey for creating home meals for your pets especially dogs and cats. These bones are generally softer than the bones of goat, sheep or cow which is why they can easily be ground in an electric meat grinder.

It is best to use a grinder of 22 or 32 sizes which is the best for grinding bones. The heavy-duty electric grinders definitely cost a lot compared to the smaller and manual grinders, but they are definitely worth the cost. When cleaning up bones to grind in the meat grinder, refrain from putting in cooked bones as these tend to get harder and more difficult to grind.

Raw Chicken Bones for Grinding

An additional tip for grinding bones in your home meat grinder is to put the smaller joint of the bone first through the feeding tube and then proceed with the bigger joints. This helps to give a better grind to the bones. Also, use the coarsest blade for the first grind and then use the regular blade.

 2) To make burgers

You can use your meat grinder to grind freshly chopped pieces of lamb, beef, pork or chicken according to the coarseness of your choice. With this ground meat, you can make some excellent, flavorful burgers! That’s right! You can also customize the entire burger as per your choice.

You can choose the amount of fat you want in the burger, the exact type of shred of the burger that you want as well as creating your very own meat combinations for the burger! You could make your very own secret recipe for the burgers and throw in ground spices too.


Meat Grinder for Making Burgers

There’s nothing better than fresh ground meat for your burgers to have that rich and juicy taste! Not just that; creating your own ground meat is more hygienic because it has fewer contamination levels.

3) To grind vegetables

Who says meat grinders are only for grinding meat and bones? You can easily grind up different types of vegetables for making pickles and relish. In fact, a lot of chefs use meat grinders to get the perfect ground touch to their pickles instead of putting them in a vegetable mixer grinder.

You can also add your own spices to this mix while you are grinding the veggies for that extra flavor punch! Put that meat grinder to use every day by using it for your veggies or even for your potato mash along with that fried bacon and eggs for breakfast!


Meat Grinder for Grinding Vegetables

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If you have a lot of vegetable chopping to do every day at home for your big family, you can just chop huge chunks of the vegetables and put them through the grinder by selecting the coarseness of the blade for this chopping process.

When using a meat grinder to chop vegetables, it is essential to cut the vegetables into halves or quarter so that the juices of the vegetables don’t go to waste. A lot of dishes like veggie patties and the middle eastern Falafel use meat grinder to grind the vegetables!

4) To properly grind cookie dough

A lot of bakeries use the manual heavy-duty meat grinders for perfecting their cookie dough. This is one of the hidden techniques that not many bakery chefs share with others so that they can keep their secret recipe to themselves!


Meat Grinder for Cookie Dough

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When cookie dough needs to be perfectly mixed especially when a lot of nuts need to be ground to a paste, a meat grinder comes to the rescue! These heavy-duty meat grinders are perfect to mix the heavy cookie dough for kneading other than the smaller and light-weight cookie dough mixers.

 5) To make sausages

You can prepare your very own customized sausages right from the meat to the seasoning and the coarseness of the meat using your meat grinder. All you need is a sausage filling attachment which is quite inexpensive to purchase, and your setup for making sausages is ready!

The sausage stuffer attachment allows you to stuff the sausage into pork casings which helps the meat inside to marinate with the spices and become flavorful. Stuffing sausages by hand is a skill and need a lot of time, so it is best to have a sausage stuffer attachment.


Meat Grinder for Making Sausages

You can choose synthetic casings if you don’t want to go with the traditional pork casings for your sausages. Choose the amount of fat you want in the sausage; the types of meat needed and grind them in the meat grinder! Once done, put them into the sausage stuffer, and your sausages are ready!

Apart from these uses, using a meat grinder for your meat is an excellent way to preserve the quality of the ground meat as well as the freshness of the meat. You can definitely taste the freshness, juiciness, and tenderness of the food cooked with fresh ground meat using your kitchen meat grinder!

A lot of high-end restaurants, local indie food joints and startup restaurants or cafes use their own meat grinders to keep the meat fresh and flavorful. Purchasing ground meat from the supermarket either freshly ground or frozen does not have the same freshness as the one you would grind in your kitchen a few minutes before cooking.


LEM 22 Meat Grinder for Grinding Bones

Overall, a meat grinder has numerous uses and benefits for regular cooking in the kitchen if you are innovative and creative enough to try out new things in the kitchen! Also, if the meat grinder is handled with care, it will definitely work with a lot of different food items in your kitchen!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a meat grinder today and make your cooking not just more efficient but also tastier! Enjoy fresh ground meat every day and also cut down on your costs of pet food by grinding raw bones for your pets every day.


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