How To Assemble a Meat Grinder?

If you have bought a meat grinder but are facing hassles in assembling the components, please do not worry, we’re here to help you. Read on to find some of the helpful tips or measures that you can take to assemble meat grinder and maintain it.

Generally, meat grinders are of 2 types such as Manual Meat Grinder and Electric Meat Grinder. Here, we have discussed the assembly of both manual meat grinder and electric meat grinder. If you possess any of them, we hope our tricks and tips to assist you in assembling the meat grinder.

Before you assemble your meat grinder, be sure that all of the components are secured tightly. Some meat grinders may slightly have different configurations based on the company or brand that you have bought, but most meat grinders will follow this order for assembling a meat grinder:

Manual Meat Grinder

manual meat grinder
manual meat grinder

These meat grinders require manual effort to grind meat. Most of them prefer this for its portability and affordability. It is a bit difficult and different than simple assembly such as the electric one. But, if you follow the steps mentioned below, you can undoubtedly efficiently assemble the meat grinder.

Step 1: Recognizing The Parts

The initial phase is to ensure that you have got all the add-ons and parts with you. The grinder includes a grinding plate, main body, a nut, collar, eye screw, handle, locking ring, cross knife, handle, auger, and hopper. The components ought to be well wiped perfectly clean before you start using it.

Step 2: Clean

Wash, rinse, and sanitize all accessories and parts. After washing, keep all the parts for air drying.

Step 3: Placing Handle

The next step is the handle should be attached to the main body. The handle should be inserted into the slot and fixed with the feeding screw. The handle should move freely and keep a watch if it rubs or slips too much. The handle desires to be positioned again if any of it slides or rubs.

Step 4: Fixing Auger

The auger is the screw like the part you should insert it in the main body and be sure that the auger is placed suitably so that it does not move.

Step 5: Blades Assembly

If the auger is appropriately placed, then auger will hold the plates and the blades.

The plates come in 3 forms such as the fine, coarse and medium. You can select one among them as you wish.

Fix the blade first into the auger after which restore the plates. The meat then comes out of the plates and passes through the blade and auger.

Step 6: Mounting

Mounting is the last step in the grinder. Place the grinder on a stable compartment and secure its position using the wedges. Once you have assembled the grinder and the mounting is done, you can start grinding the meat.

These steps are only for the manual meat grinder.

To Assemble the electric meat grinder: the following steps can be taken into account:

Electric meat grinder:

electric meat grinder
electric meat grinder

Electric meat grinders are very easily accessible and it run by electricity and thus it is more convenient than the manual one. But, it costs bit high, and it is worth for big restaurant. This meat grinder parts are easy to assemble as well. Follow the instructions to assemble this electric meat grinder:

Step 1: Recognize the Part

The first step is to make sure you have got all the accessories and parts that you need. The meat grinder requires a grinding plate, main body part, eye screw, hopper, pusher, blades, and cover. The elements need to be ensured that it is well cleaned before you start using it.

Step 2. Disconnect from power chord

Before assembly, please check to ensure that the power cord is disconnected.

Step 3: Placing Header

The grinder head should be fixed to the main body. To attach it, press the head in and turn it clockwise then tighten it properly.

Step 4: Assembling the blade and Knife

Sometimes, these meat grinders come with a fully assembled head. If it is not fully assembled, take the locking screw, plate, blade, and handle and insert it accordingly.

Step 5: Placing Hopper

Hopper is the container where you can fill the meat for grinding. Take the hopper and keep it over the head to fill meat.

After the assembly, you can take pieces of meats, put it on the hopper and push the meat with the help of the pusher. This is how you assemble and use an electric meat grinder.

Please do not forget to clean the meat grinder before after you use it. We use raw meat to grind, that makes the grinder more vulnerable to diseases. Therefore, always try to maintain meat grinders in the clean and the best possible way.

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