How To Clean Meat Grinder

Everyone wants to grind meat in a clean condition meat grinder. Cleaning your meat grinder is the most essential or vital habit you need to have to maintain your meat grinder. Whether you use an electric meat grinder or manual meat grinder, you should ensure it is spotless when you do your meat processing.

Cleaning includes all the included components like the blade, grinding plates, sausage attachments, food hopper, and kubbe attachment. Mostly, it’s advisable to clean your meat grinder before and after use. Then, you can store it in a clean dust-free environment.

Process of meat grinding in the kitchen with mincing machine.

Preparation for Cleaning

All the excess meat should be removed from the meat grinder to make the cleaning process trouble-free. Thus, before detaching the meat grinder parts for cleaning, you may run two bread pieces through the feeding tube system. The bread grinds it acts as a sponge so it will soak up most of the meat pieces that may be stuck in the grinder blades, plates or tubes. The process is not so vital as it’s a good practice to ensure that the cleaning process is straightforward. Large meat residue will most likely cause germs and bacteria to build up in the meat grinder. Since you don’t want your meat grinder to be the source of sickness and disease, continue reading below to know how to keep your meat grinder clean.


The Process Of Cleaning A Meat Grinder


1) Disassembling Parts Of The Meat Grinder

Remove all the detachable attachments from your meat grinder. Disassemble the elements when the grinder is unplugged from the socket. Remove the grinding plates, feeding tube, grinding screw, and cutting blade. Be careful when handling with the cutting edges. They are usually sharp, and it may injure your hand.

2) Clean By Hand

Clean the meat grinder by hand as it is the best way to clean.

Many people use the dishwasher to clean the meat grinder. The dishwasher makes it easy to clean the grinder. But, it can wreck the metal as meat grinders have metallic parts. It also dulls your blades if used many times. This reduces the grinder’s efficiency.

3) Wash Using Warm Soapy Water

If possible, clean the meat grinder using warm soapy water. Let soak all the detached pieces for 15 minutes. When left to absorb, the meat residue left on the pieces will loosen, and it makes it easy to clean.

Scrub the pieces out and inside using or soft brush or a sponge. A bottle brush needs to be used to smooth your feed tube, grinding plates, and the hopper.

4) The Motor

The motor should not submerge in the water. Electric grinders come with an engine which would damage when you pour water on it. Instead, use a rag or sponge to clean your motor housing.

We need to emphasize that the blades are incredibly sharp and handle edges very carefully while cleaning.

5) Store Them Dry

After cleaning and rinsing the detachable parts, you should make them dry before using. This can be accomplished by leaving them in the sun and also using a towel. But do not put down the meat grinder parts for many hours in the sun.

Drying the grinder parts will helps in the prevention of oxidation and rust.


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