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Commercial meat grinders are useful when you want to grind large amounts of meat in a short time. The commercial meat grinders are equipped with powerful motors that can make short work of any kind of meat.

These grinders also have a longer shelf life compared to regular kitchen grinders as the components used in commercial grinders are of higher quality and rated to last longer. With extra blades and several useful attachments like an electric foot pedal, additional grinding plates, sausage stuffing tubes and more, these grinders are a must have in any establishment where a large amount of meat needs to be processed.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the best commercial meat grinders available in the market today. We will also take a quick look at the features, pros, cons, and frequently asked questions about commercial meat grinders.

Comparison Of Best Commercial Meat Grinders

Product NameDimensionsWeightMotor WattageWarrantyProduct URL
ALTRA Stainless Steel Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer

11 x 6 x 8 inches7.4 pounds350W ( 2000W Max )1 yearCheck on Amazon

LEM Products 17801

9.13 x 20.24 x 15.98 inches33.1 pounds550 W5 yearsCheck on Amazon

KITCHENER Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Electric

18.5 x 15.2 x 14.8 inches41.4 pounds550 W5 yearsCheck on Amazon
Electric Meat Grinder – Size #12 – Model STX

17 x 8 x 12 inches13 pounds2000 W3 yearsCheck on Amazon
Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder

15 x 6.7 x 12.2 inches8.1 pounds1200 W1 yearCheck on Amazon

Features To Expect in Commercial Meat Grinders

The modern meat grinders have a range of useful features that make operating these meat grinders a joy. Let’s take a look at some of the features you can expect in commercial meat grinders.

  • Powerful Motor – The motor of the commercial meat grinders is rated to work for grinding all kinds of meat quickly and efficiently. These motors are of high quality and guaranteed to work for many years. Most meat grinders used in commercial settings are used for long durations, and these machines are designed for the expected usage.
  • Easy to Operate – Modern meat grinders have simple controls with only one or two switches that are used to operate the meat grinder. Simple design for the switches removes any complications or difficulties that might arise in the usage of the meat grinder.
  • Durable – Commercial meat grinders are made from durable materials like stainless steel, aluminum alloy and ABS. The high degree of durability means these grinders are able to work for years in the highly demanding areas that require commercial meat grinding.
  • Easy to Clean – The meat grinders are designed in a way that makes them easy to take apart and clean. As with any meat grinder, the meat gets stuck in the blades and the plates. When the meat grinder is easy to take apart, it is easy to clean it as well.
  • Extensive Warranty – Modern commercial meat grinders include an extensive warranty so that in case something goes wrong with the meat grinder, you can get it repaired or replaced with ease.

Reviews of Best Commercial Meat Grinder:

1) Electric Meat Grinder, ALTRA Stainless Steel Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer

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The Electric Meat Grinder from ALTRA is a powerful device that offers up to 350 W of power for mincing all kinds of meat. The grinder can mince up to two pounds of meat every minute.

The parts of the grinder that come in contact with the meat are made from food grade materials to prevent any contamination of the meat. There are several attachments available with the grinder that include three cutting plates for coarse, medium, and fine grinding.

There are also sausage funnel and kibbeh attachments so that you can create different dishes from the meat that you grind. The grinder is easy to operate with the three-way switch, and it is also easy to clean as it can be taken apart for cleaning all its parts. This wonderful grinder is perfect for home use or small-scale commercial usage.


  • High-quality construction
  • Durable parts
  • Powerful motor with max 2000W power
  • ETL certified
  • Easy to clean


  • The grinder gets hot after continued operation
  • The grinder doesn’t work well on meat with a high-fat content
  • The grinder is loud

2) LEM Products 17801 Big Bite #12 .75HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

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The LEM Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder offers simple controls for heavy grinding tasks. Whether you want to grind a large amount of meat or tough meat that is difficult to grind with regular meat grinders, this meat grinder is the ideal choice.

The powerful meat grinder comes with a .75HP motor that makes a quick job of grinding any kind of meat. The meat grinder also comes with an extended auger that pulls in more meat in less time.

The modern brushed steel finish of the meat grinder makes it look amazing in any kitchen. The body of the meat grinder has an added tray that makes storing knives and plates easier.

The best part is that the device comes with a 5 year extended warranty so that in case anything goes wrong with the meat grinder, you can get immediate assistance.


  • Powerful motor
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Big auger for pulling in more meat
  • Grinds up to 11 lbs per minute
  • Comes with 5 year warranty
  • Built-in circuit breaker


  • There is no reverse function
  • The grinder is not ideal for grinding bones
  • The grinder gets hot while processing meat
  • The grinder can get clogged

3) KITCHENER Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Electric Stainless Steel High HP Meat Grinder

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The Kitchener Commercial Electric Stainless Grinder comes with a steel gear-driven mechanism that is also air-cooled for extended grinding sessions. The grinder offers smooth and quiet operation for grinding all kinds of meat, and the powerful 550w motor can grind 720 lbs of meat per hour.

The grinder has a stainless steel body that not only looks good but also offers amazing durability for long term usage. To add to the overall safety during usage, the meat grinder comes equipped with a circuit breaker.

The grinder also comes with a removable drawer to organize grinder accessories and a stainless steel meat pan to hold the meat while grinding.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Modern design with air vent for cooling
  • Includes circuit breaker for safety
  • Comes with removable drawer and stainless steel meat pan
  • Two-speed modes for efficient grinding


  • The grinder does not work well for meat with ligaments
  • The grinder is not effective for grinding bones
  • The washable parts of the grinder are not dishwasher friendly
  • The tray is not made from stainless steel
  • The grinder is not ideal for sausage stuffing

4) Electric Meat Grinder – Size #12 – Model STX

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The STX 4000 is a powerful meat grinder that is perfect for commercial meat grinding operations. The grinder has 2000 Watts of peak output power which is great for grinding all kinds of meat.

There are three operating speeds for this grinder and a safety circuit breaker is included to prevent power related malfunction. You can also operate this meat grinder with an included foot pedal so that you can keep your hands free.

The grinder has a unique “Quad Air Cooling” system that enhances the life of the product and ensures the grinder does not get too hot while in use. You will also get a range of accessories with this grinder that includes three stuffing tubes and kubbe attachment.


  • Powerful 2000W motor
  • Foot pedal makes grinder easier to use
  • Ideal for grinding soft bones
  • Includes three sausage tubes and kubbe attachments
  • New style meat pusher makes pushing meat easier


  • The chrome parts tend to oxidize
  • The tray used for meat does not lock in place
  • Ligaments in the meat tend to jam the blades
  • The grinder does not work too well for grinding hard bones

5) Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder

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The commercial meat grinder from Aobosi comes with a 1200W motor that is made from pure copper and designed for high performance. The meat grinder can process all kinds of meat with ease, and the three button operation makes it simple to grind meat. You can use the attachments provided with the meat grinder to grind the meat in your desired form.

The modern design of the meat grinder looks great in any modern kitchen, and the stainless steel construction adds to the durability of the device. It is also easy to clean the meat grinder by taking it apart and cleaning all parts of the meat.


  • Heavy-duty, 1200W motor
  • Dual safety switch for added safety
  • Added stability with a trapezoidal design
  • Includes kubbe and sausage stuffer attachments
  • Durable stainless steel design


  • The bowl for inserting meat is small
  • The grinder is very loud
  • The grinder head can get stuck
  • The grinder gets hot with continued usage
  • The grinder is not dishwasher safe

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Meat Grinders

Buyers and users often have questions about the products they are interested in or using already. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about commercial meat grinders.

Q1) How can I clean the meat grinder?

Ans. Small pieces of meat can get stuck in the meat grinder. You can use one or two pieces of bread and pass them through the grinder so that all pieces of meat get soaked up by the bread. Then take apart the meat grinder and use a small brush to remove any leftover pieces of meat. Wash with warm, soapy water and dry completely before using again.

Q2) I want to grind bones for my pet’s meals. How can I get best results from my meat grinder?

Ans. Most meat grinders don’t do a really good job when it comes to grinding bones. You can boil the bones for some time till they get soft so that they are easier to grind. Try mixing the bones with the pieces of meat so that they are easier to grind.

Q3) Can I wash the removable parts of my meat grinder in a dishwasher?

Ans. Please check the provided instructions on the manual of your meat grinder to see if the parts are dishwasher safe. For best usage, consider washing the parts with a soap solution as the water and soap in the dishwasher can reduce the life of meat grinder parts by causing discoloration and rust.

Q4) I have a large amount of meat to grind. How can I get the best results from my meat grinder?

Ans. For best results, you should cut the meat in small one inch pieces and put the meat in a freezer till it’s semi-frozen. By doing this, you will get an even grind and there will be less blockage in the tube of the meat grinder. Semi-frozen meat is also easier to clean as it does not get stuck to the blades or the plates of the meat grinder.

Q5) I need to store my meat grinder for some time. What is the best way to do it?

Ans. Before storing the meat grinder, make sure it is completely clean and dry. Any wetness or residual meat particles can damage the part of the meat grinder. For smaller parts, you can store them in plastic bags with a little bit of rice to soak away any moisture.


If you are looking for the best commercial meat grinder, it is a good idea to go for a unit that offers a balance between power and utility. Make sure you have ample space in your kitchen to place the meat grinder as these units can be large in size to accommodate the bigger motor. Commercial meat grinders can be power hungry to keep an eye on the electricity bills as well.

Regular upkeep of your meat grinder will help you to get more usage out of it for a longer time. Clean the meat grinder after every use and dry all the parts to avoid rust or discoloration. Most of all, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the upkeep and maintenance of the meat grinder.

We hope this article has been helpful in giving you an insight into the meat grinder that you want to buy. If you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to discuss in the comment section.


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