Can a Meat Grinder Grind Corn?

A meat grinder is meant for grinding meat and occasionally can be used for grinding soft grains and nuts. Corn is an impressive variety of grain, which is hard for a meat grinder to grind, and you cannot make corn flour using a meat grinder. You can try grinding corn using a meat grinder to obtain cornmeal or partially cracked corn for various uses.

Preparing corn recipes hygienically at home is an excellent advantage for health. Grinding dried corn is complicated than grinding fresh or frozen corn. If you prefer to grind sweet corn for patties and meatballs, then you can try using your hand crank meat grinder or an electric meat grinder.

The result of grinding fresh corn with a meat grinder will be smooth in texture. Grinding dry corn is not as easy as grinding sweet corn. If you are willing to make cracked corn to add in soups or for your farm-grown poultry, you can run the meat grinder for few more times to get the grainy food.

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If you are a beginner, you can grind corn in less quantity with the help of a meat grinder to understand the way it is getting done. Gradually you will get the clarity of the way the corn is milled in the meat grinder.

For tortillas recipe, you can grind boiled corn, which will be easy to sharpen, and you may also get smooth corn paste to do various methods. Grinding dried corn is difficult in the meat grinder rather than grinding boiled corn. Grinding fresh corn and boiled corn will supplement the flavor of the recipe.

There are also varieties of corn available like black corn, white corn, and golden corn. Each one has a slightly different flavor, and the time and stress took to grind depending on the texture of the variety.

Traditional manual meat grinder

To get coarse, medium or excellent quality mashed fresh corn, you should choose the plates according to the size of the holes. Some recipes may call for less grainy corn for a smooth bite, and some may need the grainy cornmeal. To make a bowl of proper cornmeal, one might find a little difficult to dry and acquire the result. Hard corn will strain out the machine and heat it very quickly.


Most of the organic food lovers would have desired to grind their corn using a food processor, meat grinder, or mixer grinder. But, technically grinding corn using any appliances except machines that are exclusively made for milling corn or that claims to be suitable for grinding corn, you cannot use it for the goodness of the device.

The durability of the machine will be skeptical if we try to grind dry corn using a meat grinder or other purpose grinding appliances. If you have fresh or boiled corn, you can try crushing it to do your desired food.

We will have to remember the point that a meat grinder can be tried to grind corns only for home use. If you are planning for commercial purposes, then it is advised to go for a cost-effective milling machine that can make corn flour or cornmeal.



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DONNA - January 20, 2022

I have a metal manual antique food grinder that has been passed down through the family for years. I’m wondering if I can use it to grind dried corn for baking


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