Can You Use a Meat Grinder to Crack Corn?

Milling corn or other grains at home is an exciting task as far as you have a machine to do the job. Meat grinders can not only grind meat, veggies, and fruits; it can also chop nuts and mill grains. If you have a meat grinder at home, you can crack corn by yourself.

If you want to mill grains for your pets, you can use the meat grinder to break the grains for a nutritious diet. Meat grinder will not disappoint the user to do milling until the grain is compatible with the tool. The corn kernels or other easygoing grains should be preferably dried to grind through the blades to get a non-sticky texture.

Some like to feed whole grains to their livestock, and some don’t prefer it since they believe their pets can feed on the grains as whole and cracking are not necessary.

Using a meat grinder, you can slow grind the dried corn to get cornmeal and can increase the grinding speed and change the plate for fine flour. To make fine flour using a meat grinder, one should grind the batches of the mixture for almost three to four times to get the required consistency.

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Traditional mill

Cornmeal is healthy for humans and also for pets when it is prepared at home hygienically, then it is one of the best sources of nutrition. You can even crack corn using a blender or a food processor, but the choice is on individual preferences.

If you have a meat grinder, then why would one go in search of other appliances, a meat grinder is a machine that can replace some of the other devices in your kitchen.


  • All-in-one machine to do the kitchen job and fits for home use.
  • Need not go for external milling machines.
  • Less effort is taken if you crack for a smaller quantity.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to use and clean the parts.
  • It can get the required consistency by changing the plates.
  • Can prepare organic feed for pets and your family.


  • Delicate hands may find it hard to crack the corns using a hand crank meat grinder.
  • Corn should be dry to crackdown effortlessly and to get the non-sticky texture.
  • It can do only in small batches.
  • Time-consuming.
  • May require several run-throughs to get the right consistency.
  • Cracked corn does not stay longer during winter.

Since meat grinders can grind thin bones, they can be easily used for milling natural grains such as dry oats, rice, corn, wheat, barley, etc. High potential grains cannot be cracked easily using a meat grinder. One has to seek a mill help to do the required job.

With the fresh corn flour made at home, you can prepare a variety of dishes like organic homemade cornbread. If you follow the recipe of making the best cornbread, you can do that hassle-free and end up with complete satisfaction. You can crack corn using a hand crank meat grinder as well as an electric meat grinder. Hand crank meat grinder involves some physical effort whereas, an electric meat grinder is user-friendly and easy to operate that runs in electricity.

But to crack corn, a hand crank meat grinder is the best since you need not worry about damaging the mill. As meat grinders are manufactured for grinding meat, one should remember the fact that meat grinders cannot satisfy when it is used for milling.

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Organic corn

Milling machines and tools are available in the market that can do a fantastic job when it comes to making a fine powder of grains. If you are looking to trade your cracked grain product, then a meat grinder is not your best choice.

Meat grinders can be used for cracking corns only for home use and not for commercial use. When considering hand crank meat grinder for commercial use for milling the grains, then you will be left with unhappy physical strain and profit; whereas, if you want to commercialize the use of an electric grinder to mill the grains later you will regret to know the machine failing to do its respective natural job.


Meat grinders are solidly built than blender and food processor in case of both power and body. If you want to try your meat grinder to crack corns, you can do it without any fear of damaging the machine. The plates and the holes in it will decide the texture of the ground corn.

It is always better to choose the machines that are exclusively made for specific works that are manufactured to do. For the processes that can take less strain like cracking, corn can be done with the meat grinder along with regular work of grinding meat.

There are many commercial animal feeds that consist of cracked corns. You can make a stress-free animal feed at home with the help of a meat grinder. Since organic animal feed is much trending and is pricey, you can prefer doing it by yourself to give your pets a wonderful healthy meal during winter.


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