Meat Grinder Vs Blender – What’s the Difference?

A meat grinder is one of the best kitchen appliances that can do various tasks of cutting, mincing, juicing, and powdering the food. Like meat grinder, the blender is also one of the best appliances that can do certain works similar to the meat grinder. The uses of a meat grinder and a blender are quite similar. But there is a difference in the power, and efficiency, which depends on the quantity and texture of the food that is to be ground.

Chefs and home cooks from beginners to experts depend on meat grinder or blender for preparing their dishes. The texture of the food may differ when it is handled in meat grinder and blender.

Individuals like meat grinder for the wide performance of making food. Blender does the works comparatively less, which can be suitable for making less quantity and less power required food.

Food when sent through the meat grinder or blender gives you interesting diet with nutrients packed. In minutes you can prepare the most delectable favorite food for your family and friends.

Meat grinder’s characteristics:

  • Meat grinders are powerful and can do various tedious tasks easily.
  • The holes in the plate can give you different sized ground meat.
  • They can help you preparing sausage using the sausage stuffer.
  • The button in the meat grinder helps the user to make the working simpler.
  • The reverse button in the electric meat grinder releases any jam during the meat grinding process.
  • A manual meat grinder can also be used as juicer using some modifications and innovations with personal interest.
  • Meat grinders can also be used for grinding thin bones for cat food and also some meat grinders even grind chicken legs for dog food.
Meat grinder that minces the meat

Blender’s characteristics:

  • Blenders can do simple grinding and blending tasks effortlessly.
  • Also, blenders can grind meat without sinews and hard tissues.
  • You can cut the meat into small pieces for the blender to mince it.
  • Power of blenders is less when compared to meat grinders.
  • Unlike meat grinders, blenders do not have a reverse button which is also not required in a blender.
  • Blender is easy to operate to make juices, mincing, and grinding.
  • Powerful blenders can also grind frozen food and ice cubes.
  • Blenders cannot grind bones and hard tissues of meat.

Meat grinder for meat:

  • Meat grinders are made predominantly to grind meat. So they are effective for the job.
  • Electric meat grinders are yet easy to grind meat than manual meat grinder that has a hand crank.
  • Meat grinder evenly grinds meat with all the nutrients packed.
  • There are multiple utilities when it comes to the meat grinder.
  • Meat grinders can grind venison, turkey, chicken, goat meat, etc.
  • But even powerful meat grinders cannot work well on rubbery tissues and hard bones.
  • You can mince or grind the meat according to your wish and texture using the plates with different holes.
  • Meat pusher is required to push the meat to go through the tunnel for grinding.
  • Meat grinder produces a lot of noise in general while running.
  • Almost every quality meat grinders are made of food-grade materials that are supposed to touch the food.

Blender for meat:

  • Blenders are also easy to grind meat when the meat is cut into pieces with no tendons, and it will grind easily when the meat is frozen.
  • Frozen meat is easy to grind in the blender, but the texture of the meat may not be as good and perfect as the meat obtained from the meat grinder.
  • Bender sometimes may make the meat as paste rather than mincing.
  • If you want to get crumbly meat and meat for sausage, then meat grinder is the perfect kitchen appliance.
  • Frozen meat can closely give the expected texture of meat when processed in the blender. But meat in room temperature may not be that suitable to be ground in the blender.


Meat grinder that comes with attachments can let the user explore extended varieties of meat making and juicing. Blender has a minimum or no attachments which can be restricted to certain habit.

As meat grinder can do various tasks that satisfy the need for a home cook or chef, it can overtake the advantages of the blender. Since eating of meat is common in the major population, it is important to have either manual or electric meat grinder for processing meat where blender can be used for processing less quantity of meat.

If you are a minimalist user of kitchen appliances, then you should go for the blender to do your required job for working with meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. If you are a person who deals with many people for lunch or dinner, then you will have to choose meat grinder since your entire preparation can be made easy by it to surprise the gathering.

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TERRY - March 10, 2020

Hi there Erika my name is Terry and I liked the information on your post concerning grinding using an electric mincer/grinder as against a manual grinder and the use of a blender I have all three in my kitchen but I have just recently purchased an electric grinder it is a Leonardo 1hp no12 which I am sure will be adequate for my needs and after reading your helpful comments it looks like it would be a good idea to invest in a couple more attachments to utilise and get the best out of the grinder, Thanks for the info wishing you a nice day, Cheers Terry from Australia,


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