Can a Meat Grinder Be Used As a Grain Mill?

Meat grinders can mill grains but definitely under conditions. Not every meat grinder can grind grain. If you get a suitable attachment for your meat grinder, you can try to make it work with few adjustments. But manual meat grinders are the most common ones that are given a try to mill the grains.

Electric meat grinder’s motor may breakdown if it is overloaded or overheated. We should also remember the point that meat grinders are used only for definite purposes. If the user tries milling the grains, he may not end up with the perfect powdery flour.

With the exact attachment and extended hopper along with certain modifications with the plates, one can try using the manual meat grinder for milling the grains. But, the results may not be as desired and may require further many grindings to obtain better output.

To experiment with milling grains, you can use the grain milling heads available in the online market. Apart from a meat grinder, if you wanted to try grinding the grains, then you can also work with your food processor or blender to make fresh bread and cookies.

Hand crank grain mill resembling manual meat grinder

Disadvantages of trying:

  • May not acquire the consistency.
  • Need to try for multiple dials in the manual meat grinder.
  • Much time-consuming.
  • The physical effort involved.
  • The obtained quantity will be less for your recipe.
  • You will end up harming your tool.
  • Caution required before trying.
  • More trial and error involved.
  • A lot of wastage of product possible.
  • Resulting dough may be sticky depending on the moisture content of the grain.
  • Grain should be less is moisture.

These are the disadvantages of using a meat grinder as a grain mill. You can avoid some of the difficulties by converting your meat grinder into a grain mill with the proper attachments and techniques, which may involve some strain.

Flywheel manual grain mill

Lacking aspects:

For a meat grinder to work as a grain mill, there are certain significant features required.

  • If the meat grinder is motorized, then with the help of the mill attachment, you can make deliberately gotten flour.
  • The speed controller is required for the various texture of the grain.
  • Powerful motor for natural milling.

If you get the appropriate grain mill attachment, you can try with a little engineering knowledge to fit your electric meat grinder or even the manual meat grinder.

If you wish to use the hand crank meat grinder for milling the grain, then you can add a few bearings, nuts, and washers and find the best technique that works.


There are a lot of grain mill attachments and equipment available in the market. If you want to enjoy the fresh, healthy whole grain flour for your bread and cookies, then you can buy the best grain mill attachments.

Trying the meat grinder for milling purposes will not meet the expectations. And the flour will most often turn to be coarse rather than fine powder that we avail from the stores. Most of the home use milling machines can grind only less moist grains like barley, wheat, corn, rice, rye, and oats.

Hand crank grain mill is also available that is equally great as a motorized mill, which seems quite similar to a meat grinder with certain distinct features. To obtain perfect homemade flour, then one should go for owning a one-time expensive mill to use for a lifetime. Converting a meat grinder to grind grains may not be an excellent option for best textured homemade flour. However, any meat grinder with grain mill attachment will serve the purpose.



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