When Was The Meat Grinder Invented

The earliest form of the meat grinders was simple, standard, operative with fewer budgets and also very easy to function. The manual meat grinder was designed with Epoxy designs and was made out of coated cast iron and stainless steel. It could be operated only by hand and would chop a small quantity of meat at a time.

manual meat grinder

Today, meat grinders are better than them when it comes to applying workforce. It grinds faster than a manual meat grinder and helps in managing large amounts of meat all at once all in a shorter span of time. They are ideally suited for domestic purposes and restaurants. This meat grinder comes with a variety of settings in blades or plates.

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Accidental invention

Karl Drais invented meat grinders in the 19th Century. Drais is also famous for an early version of the bicycle which lacked pedals. In the same way, he invented the manual meat grinder with a pedal to grind meat.

The meat grinder was hand cranked and forced the meat into a metal plate which had several small holes, resulting in long, thin strands of meat. Electricity powers the hand-cranked machines. By changing the hole plate, it was also capable of producing breadcrumbs or fill sausage casings.

Who invented the meat grinder?

Karl Friedrich Christian Ludwig Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn, also known as Karl Drais was a German revolutionist who invented the first meat grinder in the 19th century. Karl Drais was born in Germany in 1785, he was a revolutionist and was heavily involved in politics.

bicycle without pedals


Drais is well-known for inventing the earlier version of the bicycle that lacked pedals. He also invented the earliest known typewriter which had 25 keys, the stenograph machine, a wood-saving cooker, a railroad handcart. He also invented the meat grinder. It was almost the identical form to the one used in kitchens and butcher shops around the world today.

How does a meat grinder work?

The machine is effortless to operate; you can just put the meat to be minced into a funnel located at the uppermost part of the meat grinder. The Pusher and hopper are positioned where you add cuts of meat. The pusher is used to put force on the meat to fall down to the feed tube and to keep the meat moving.

The meat grinder has a large tray to store extra meat before being pushed it into the feed tube. The larger tray is more convenient to grind larger batches of meat. The screw is the central working part of a meat grinder. It pushes the meat down the shaft towards the blade to grind it to the shape you desire.

The blade is a small, cross-shaped cut with a sharp edge on each side that rotates against the plate. The blade comes in different shapes. The flat plate has holes to cut the meat. The screw forces meat into the hole of the plate and the blade cuts them into fine minces.

Then the material set into the funnel goes into a level screw conveyor which is either manually operated or powered by an electrical motor. This screw conveyor drives the feed into a fixed hole plate, and in front of the fixed hole plate, a knife is installed.

The size of the hole on the fixed plate decides the fineness of the meat coming out of the meat grinder. The Final grind depends on the size of the holes, and it determines the fineness of the meat.

What was the first meat grinder?

Epoxy designs were used in the development of the first meat grinder. It was made of coated cast iron and stainless steel. It was designed using bicycle pedal to grind the meat.

They are simple to establish as they typically have a clamp that could be attached to your kitchen counter or table top. It was hand-operated, and the best part is you didn’t have to manage high or daunting modern-day functions.

The future of the meat grinder


meat grinder

The innovation in the way foods are prepared, cooked, and the process is quite a revolution. The meat grinder is a manual or electric machine that helps you get the meat ground for use in particular food items which would satisfy your desire buds yet being hygienic and fresh.

The meat grinder might not add significance to your list of assets, but it makes sense if you have a perfect meat grinder for your kitchen, the powerhouse of your home.

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I have a Hobart Electric Meat Grinder that dates to pre-1913. Would love to discuss, share pictures, etc. as I want to find out more information as to exact age, etc. For all I know, it could be the oldest operational one in existence. My dad got it somewhere in Iowa, at least back in the 1960’s.
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    Erika - October 15, 2019


    Usually we don’t have/get information about such old meat grinder.


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