What Size Meat Grinder for Deer?

When we speak about sausages and meatballs, we first think about the way meat is processed. Most of the beloved recipes are made out of minced meat. If one wanted to render a delicious dinner at home, it requires a lot of effort to make the food. With the help of technology and innovations, we can do wonders in the kitchen.

Meat grinders in any style say it be an electric or manual meat grinder, lest the user processes the meat in a jiffy. Any meat can be ground using a meat grinder. There are limitations when it comes to the thickness of the pieces, tendons, and bones that are added for grinding. There is no specific size meat grinder that is required to process the deer meat.

Deer meat otherwise called as venison is one of the occasional meat that mostly lies as game meat. Even though any meat grinder can grind any varieties of meat, yet few constraints prevail for each meat.

The size of the plates says the size of the meat grinder. There are different sizes of meat grinders available in the market. Electric meat grinders, as well as manual meat grinders, have their size specification either on the meat grinder itself or in the guides provided.

Most suitable size:

Users can choose the required size meat grinder by seeing the size. The #5 and #10 has similar power and size of bites. For deer meat, the #5 and #10 meat grinders might need a little more effort of arranging the meat accordingly before processing. So, the bigger sized plates like #12, #20, #22, #32, #42 ad #52 will grind the deer meat much easily than #5 and #10.

Things to remember while processing the deer meat in smaller meat grinders:

  • The meat has to chop into small pieces.
  • Have to remove tendons and hard tissues before adding the meat into the machine.
  • Have to remove the bones that could be hard to grind along with the meat.
  • Removing bones completely reduces the risk of heated motor.
  • It is good to opt for electric meat grinder if you have small manual meat grinders that may be hard to process deer meat.
  • If you are in need to grind a large quantity of meat regularly then you should go for the meat grinders that are above #10.
  • You have to exclude the fat before adding the meat into the machine.
  • Partially frozen deer meat can be ground easily than room temperature meat.
  • Freezing the meat helps the meat to hold the shape and prevents the messy counter.

The holes in the plates may vary in size for all the same size of plates that comes along with the particular meat grinder. The plates can be chosen according to the need of the recipe.

Meat grinders that run in less horsepower can even grind thin and soft bones. If you want to grind bones for your pet then, you would require a powerful meat grinder to do the job.  


Deer meat is a rare delicacy for meat lovers. Preparing it according to our desire will involve a lot of patience. With the help of meat grinder, deer meat can be ground or minced within few minutes. It is good to opt for bigger sized meat grinders; it will serve the purpose that you desire.

It is always better to see the size specifications of the meat grinder before buying. If it is a manual meat grinder, the size number will be a visible funnel. The variations amongst the meat grinders will depend on the size, power, weight price and the need for use.

Some large meat grinders are suitable best for commercial use where you can invest for one time on the machine and complete the tedious job in the kitchen. For house cooks and chefs, small or medium meat grinders can serve the purpose without fail.

With the aid of meat grinder, we can easily grind poultry or white meat such as chicken and fish. It is little harder when it comes to red meat such as beef, mutton, and deer. To make the job simpler for red meat, we can use meat grinders that are more in power that can save time and energy.

For deer meat, you can use any size of meat grinder. The only thing which we should remember is that the bones, tissues, fats should be removed and the meat should be cut into small pieces for better results.


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