Is Meat Grinder Plate Interchangeable?

A meat grinder is a machine that can do plentiful good things that a food preparation need. It can produce healthy and safe meat, fruits, and vegetable products to cook your favorite diet. Every meat grinder comes with one or more grinding plates/cutting plates. Each plate has a different hole size and with a separate hole, count to prepare tasty food.

Meat grinder plates are interchangeable and can be used on both sides if they are hub-less. Meat grinders that have a hub can be used only on one side. The hub-less cutting plate is advantageous to the plate with a hub.

Whenever you want to change the cutting blade, you need not change the cutting plate if you have a hub less plate. The hub-less plate makes it easier to use the modules in either one of the sides.

Cutting plates are made of carbon or stainless steel material. Stainless steel cutting plates are though corrosion-resistant, it should not be soaked overnight in the water for durability.

The grinding plates and cutting knives can be sharpened whenever required to obtain excellent products. Hub-less cutting blades save a penny and are durable for a long time.

 Hub-less cutting plate
Hub-less cutting plate

Most of the parts of the meat grinder wear out quickly after prolonged usage of grinding and mincing meat. Getting the components are also not complicated since the online market has the option to avail of the compatible one.

Maintaining the meat grinder is easy as well as the parts that are not made of corrosion-resistant materials should be dried out thoroughly before storing it. The cutting blade and cutting plates should not be put in the dishwasher overnight.

If any unmatchable parts are tried to fit in the machine, the machine may malfunction, and the original elements may not be suitable later on. Interchanging the grinding plates saves a lot of money and time when you prepare to work with large batches of meat.


Hub-less meat grinder offers many advantages since the grinding plates are interchangeable. Though it has a lot of benefits, some traditional users believe that the grinding plates with hub are more durable and sturdy while grinding massive meat.

For a meat grinder that is designed to fit hub-less grinding plates cannot be suitable for grinding plates with the hub. Some customized meat grinders can be tried to garb both hub-less and with hub grinding plates if they are engineered with washers and rings. So, grinding pate of a meat grinder is interchangeable only if it is a hub-less plate.


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