How to Stuff Sausage with a Meat Grinder?

A meat grinder is a device that can do wonders in the kitchen if you use it wisely. For some users, a meat grinder can even replace the ever-helpful food processor. There are two styles of meat grinder manual and electric meat grinder. You can stuff sausage using both the type of meat grinders if they come with the suitable attachments.

If the parts are available handy, you can prepare your handmade sausage at home using meat grinders. Some may find manual meat grinders easier for stuffing sausages, and some may find it challenging to control electric meat grinder while preparing the sausages.

With the help of casing, you can fill the seasoned meat mixture to get your perfect sausage. The grinding plates also play an essential role in getting the right consistency of sausages. Multiple sausage stuffing tubes can be used according to need.

You can get pre-minced meat from the butcher, or you can get the required meat and exclude the meat from fat, bones, and tendons. You can also make veggie sausages in the same process as the meat sausage, which is much easier than preparing the meat sausage.  

Traditional hand crank meat grinder
Manual meat grinder

Processes that Need to Be Followed for Stuffing Sausage:

Grinding the Meat:

  • To start with the sausage stuffing process, first, you need to have the ground meat ready on the side of the meat grinder. The ground meat can be your homemade one or the store-bought one.
  • Usually, the homemade ground meat is tastier and healthier and has the choice of altering the flavor according to your taste buds. While grinding the meat, you can opt for fat content to make the sausage much tastier in case if your meat grinder has no difficulty to grind the fats.
  • But excluding the bones are much important while grinding the meat at home. It might cause harm to your machine.
  • If you prefer to get the sausage with fine meat, then you should choose the grinding plate that has a tiny hole, and if you want your sausage to be coarse, then you should select a coarse grinding plate.
  • You can run through the meat for a few more times if required to obtain your needed texture.
  • If you want to make ground meat for a large quantity, then you should go for an electric meat grinder to do the work.

If you have only a manual meat grinder, then you should use labor to complete the process successfully with a shared effort.

Medium sized sausages
Medium sausages

Seasoning the Meat:

  • You can season the minced meat with the ingredients of your wish for the delicious sausage.
  • After seasoning, you can sauté the mixture or smoke the mix for the sometimes if you want.
  • The most common seasoning is to add onions, pepper, and coriander, and some spice powder. You can add a few delicate fats for visible pieces if you don’t want to grind along with the meat.
  • The seasoned meat should have much water content since it may mess the sausage.

Choosing the Casing:

There are two different types of the casing. The hard and natural casing is safe and natural to use than the artificial casing.

  • The casing should be adequately washed with warm water several times. You can soak the casing for 20 minutes to get rid of any dirt while washing.
  • The casing should be squeezed out for excessive water to make the stuffing seamless.
  • You can choose any length of casing, depending on your wish. Or even you can twist and knot the casing after the meat is stuffed.

Greasing the Parts:

  • It is better to brush the pieces with oil to avoid the meat sticking to it. The sausage tubes, grinding plates, and the attaching parts should be greased thoroughly.
  • Greasing also makes the practice smoother.

Handing the Casing:

  • The casing should be slightly moist to handle it with ease, and the meat can easily pass it till the end.
  • You should knot the other end of the casing.
  • If any extra air bubbles, you need to prick the casing using a sausage prick or a toothpick. Whenever you start to stuff the sausage, you will see the airlock.
  • After the casing is appropriately fit, and when the meat passes through, you should prick the casing whenever you see the air bubble. If there are a lot of tight air bubbles, the sausage may break while cooking.
  • If the casing is very long and you want to make it short, you can squeeze the sausage and knot it to your required length and tie using a kitchen thread.
  • If you love long spiral sausages, then you can coil it and store it for your later use.
  • It is always good to stuff cold meat since the stuffing will be effortless. The casing should always be kept in water before used for filling. The dried casing will not be your best friend for sausage stuffing.
Image result for sausage
Coil sausage

After stuffing the sausages, you can store it and cook it for your wish. After trying the sausage at home, you will never be a fan of store-bought sausages.


Sausage is a food that is easy to cook and exciting food. Anybody can cook the sausage. Sausage can be baked, roasted on the pan, or grilled. You can experiment with many types of methods to make sausages a particular food.

Traditional sausage-making procedures are stressful and involve labor throughout the process. Present development has bought us many user-friendly ways to complete the making. The predominant things that you would require to stuff sausage using meat grinder are a sausage stuffing funnel and casing.

You can surprise your guests with mind-blowing recipes with the help of a meat grinder if you have required attachments. Without the sausage stuffing tube, it will be tough to stuff the sausage in the casing. Make sure you have all the accessories before starting the sausage stuffing experience.

Rustic sausages can be prepared straightforwardly at home if you have a meat grinder. Since sausage making itself is an exciting process, you will love to see the output if you try it at home using a meat grinder.

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