How Much is a Meat Grinder?

When we plan to cook food, every one of us will think about the preparation and start looking for the tool that is required to do the chopping and grinding work. The meat grinder has become a binding machine that is needed in every household, butcher shop, and restaurants. Meat grinders’ price ranges vary according to the power, capacity, versatility, attachments and design. If you are a home cook, then you can go for a low budget meat grinder that can do you an excellent favor.

If you run a butcher shop or restaurant, then you can choose an expensive, powerful, and high capacity meat grinder for your business. Also, there are meat grinders available for small-scale companies.

Usually, the cost of meat grinders is around $40 to $1000. According to the need and amount of work required to be done by the meat grinder, one can quickly get a meat grinder to be as your partner in your kitchen counter-top. Also, the size of the machine calls for the price. Big size meat grinders like #22 can cost more than the #12 and #8 meat grinders.

Some meat grinders only grind boneless meat, and some can grind thin bones, fruits, veggies, grains, and nuts. If one wants to replace a food processor with a meat grinder, then the option should be an electric meat grinder.

Electric meat grinder's stainless steel auger head

Meat Grinders that Are around $40 to $100:

Meat grinders that range from $40 to $100 can be used for home use and can be tried by beginners. Those meat grinders can be used for grinding meat effortlessly. Other food items like bones, fruits, and veggies may not be preferable for grinding. As an exception, some companies offer meat grinders at less cost those even grind thin bones, vegetables, and fruits.

For food lovers that want to try sausages and burgers at home with no compromise on hygiene can use any of the pocket-friendly meat grinders to make their dream come true. If you are a minimal meat eater, then your best choice is to go for low-cost meat grinders.

Meat Grinders that Are around $200 to $300:

Meat grinders that range between $200 and $300 are meat grinders that you can use for small-scale businesses and can be used by butchers and restaurants. Those meat grinders can be used for grinding thin bones, preparing sausages, preparing pasta, grinding grains, etc.

If you have a big family and you prepare a lot of meat regularly, then you can go for choices above $100 to make your job much more comfortable. Small meat grinders sometimes may not give similar output as big bite meat grinders.

Meat grinders that are of moderate prices are always right to get home if you already have had a meat grinding experience. Most of the electric meat grinder in this pricing will come with plentiful of attachments where you need not purchase any accessories further.

Meat Grinders that Are More than $800:

Meat grinders that are more than $800 are mainly electric meat grinders that are used for heavy commercial uses. Those meat grinders may not suit a home kitchen.

Heavy-duty big bite electric meat grinders will do the job more powerfully and can yield enormous products in less time. That kind of meat grinders also does not get worn out easily. It would also require less manual support and can do exciting work than a modern electric meat grinder.

Meat grinders that are used for commercial uses can grind even bones along with meat. Expensive meat grinders are commonly used in the human food industry to produce a tremendous amount of ground meat and pet food industry to grind bones along with meat.

Manual Meat Grinders in Particular:

Manual meat grinder

Right quality manual meat grinders cost from $35 to $200. Most of the manual meat grinders that are high in cost say, $200 are used for commercial purposes. If you are a person that wants to go for a less costly yet effective meat grinder, then your choice can be an affordable quality manual meat grinder.

Manual meat grinders serve the grinding for years together since the durability of pocket-friendly manual meat grinders is less than expensive electric meat grinders. For the folks that believe in traditional grinding, manual meat grinders around #150 will suffice their need and be a friend of a lifetime in the kitchen.


Most commonly moderate ranging electric meat grinders are often used by many households. If you want to go for a cost-effective meat grinder, then you can go for manual meat grinders that can equally give you good results. The disadvantage with a manual meat grinder is that they involve labor contributions.

Using electric meat grinders are a great option if you are a time constraint to prepare your food. Electric meat grinders are best in terms of grinding, chopping, juicing, sausage preparation, pasta preparation, and also can grind grains and nuts. The cost of the electric meat grinder with considerable power, capacity, attachments and durable parts will be expensive since it replaces a food processor.

Many users customize their manual meat grinders into a motor-driven meat grinder when they find the cost of an electric meat grinder is really on the higher side. Manual meat grinder also does the jobs like juicing, grinding grains, and nuts but the process involved is tedious and clumsy. No matter what, yet manual meat grinders have a bunch of lovers that are satisfied with the heartwarming outputs.


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