Can You Use a Meat Grinder to Stuff Sausage

A meat grinder is a machine that can fulfill the need for many tools in the modern kitchen. The versatility of meat grinders makes it an essential device for preparing your delicious food like burgers, meatballs, and sausages, etc. You can seamlessly stuff sausages using a meat grinder with very little stress.

For all that you need are a sausage stuffer and casings. Casings or nothing but the cover in which the sausage is going to be stuffed. The housings come in two different forms, such as natural casings and artificial casings.

As every one of us knows, natural casings are much tastier and safer to stuff the meat. Some prefer artificial casing that tends to be easy for stuffing without much worry. Since artificial casings may contain plastic, it is not commended to opt.

Some meat grinder may not come with sausage stuffing attachment; in that case, you can purchase a funnel for better sausage filling experience. There are possibilities to try stuffing sausage in the casing without the attachment also, but the result and the whole process may fail to satisfy you.  

If you plan to make sausages more than once, then you should go for sausage attachments to make your work simpler.

Points to remember before stuffing the sausages:

  • Follow the recipe instructions properly so that you need not change the taste once after making the sausages.
  • Use the plates that have smaller holes for excellent ground meat.
  • Choose the casings that may add flavor to your sausage recipe. For example, you can choose pork or sheep intestine casings.
  • Rest the casing in water for some time and start cleaning the casings with running water several times by filling the water into it.
  • Choose the best organic casing that has no highly dosed chemicals.
  • Apply cooking oil over the parts that will contact the meat.
  • Push the casing ultimately till the open end is reached near the opening of the meat grinder. Tie a knot at the end of the casing so that there is no wastage of the meat mixture.
  • Keep the casing slightly wet for the smooth flow of the meat into the casing.
  • Hold the casing until the whole process is complete.
  • If you want to create coil sausages, you can keep coiling the sausages once it is pushed out.
  • If you want to make links to cut the sausages into small portions, it is also easy and can be done by just twisting the required length of the sausage.
  • Exclude air bubbles for even cooking, and cold sausages are best for cooking. It is suggested by some chefs to refrigerate the sausages before taken for cooking.
  • Keep the other batch of casings handy to fit in the funnel before the meat in the grinder ooze out water.
  • Repeat the process of filling and remove the parts of the meat grinder carefully for thorough cleaning.
  • You can use warm water to clean the oil or fat-stuck parts.
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Sausage links

While stuffing the sausages, you should use your hands to adjust the positions of the casing and the meat while running. If you are a home cook and find challenging to stuff the sausages alone, then you can seek help from anyone present at home to hold the casing.

Sausage stuffer comes in different sizes; whichever is suitable for your family, you can pick one from the market if you don’t own a better stuffer. Those meat grinders that run in less Horsepower may tend to produce the ground meat a little slow, and the stuffing time will be quite long.

If you are using a good Horsepower meat grinder, you can do the job in less time. Manual meat grinders are also one of the silent champions in grinding meat. Many of the great manual meat grinders come with sausage stuffing attachments.

Some users may think Kubbe and sausage attachments are the same. But, both are different and used for different recipes. Kubbe attachment can be used only for kubbe recipes, and sausage attachments can be used only for sausage recipes.

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Meat grinder grinding pork meat


You can alter the taste before stuffing the sausage into the casing. After preparing the sausage, we cannot change the flavor; it is always better to follow the exact recipe to achieve the best tasting sausages.

If the sausage already has some water content in it, while cooking, it may leach more water that can be released out by slitting the sausage using a knife.

If you use a sausage machine, it can be much, but why you need to worry if you have a meat grinder. Meat grinder does almost the entire process of making sausage. While preparing sausages, always use beautiful grinding plates to get smooth-textured sausage. You can grind any meat that is sinew and bone-free for an easy grinding in the meat grinder.

Cleaning of the casing is vital to get a hygienic sausage. Stuffing sausages using a meat grinder is never disappointing until you have a good condition machine and perfect fitting sausage stuffer.

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