Can You Use a Meat Grinder For Tomatoes?

Yes, you can use meat grinders for grinding or mincing tomatoes and other vegetables. With the attachments such as juice strainer or shredder, you can do a variety of tomato foodstuff using meat grinders. You can grind tomatoes in electric as well as manual meat grinders when they have the required cutting plates and blades.

Using the strainer that comes with some of the electric meat grinders, you can prepare tomato juice and the shredder helps you in preparing the tomato sauce. The strainer separates the seeds and skin and produces only the juice of the tomatoes.

The food pusher that comes along with the meat grinders should be used to push the food to grind easily. Likewise, the user should push the tomatoes to the tube to send it to the grinding area where the auger is present.

By using the hand crank in the manual meat grinders, one can easily turn and prepare tomato sauce or minced tomatoes for salsa. Preparing tomato dishes are quite easy with the aid of meat grinders. The texture and taste vary when preparing tomato purees using blender and meat grinder. But, the choices depend upon individuals because of various needs and expectations.

Benefits of using meat grinders to grind tomatoes:

Meat grinders are great for grinding, mincing or juicing tomatoes. While grinding tomatoes using blenders may result in the runny and air-filled sauce. The texture and taste may not be liked by all. While using the meat grinders for tomatoes, the resulting sauce will be dense and could get the wonderful effect of the handmade food.

Meat grinders that come with juicer and strainer are wonderful accessories to make healthy and perfect tomato juice. It is also an easy way to separate the pulp, skin, and seeds.

Type of meat grinders that can be used to grind tomatoes:

There is no particular meat grinder that is exclusively designed for tomatoes. Any meat grinders with the appropriate cutting blade and plates allow any vegetable and fruits to be minced.

But care should be taken before using any non-corrosion resistant material that touches the food since it may leach chemical when the machine is hot.

Things to remember while grinding the tomatoes:

  • The material of the blade, auger and the tube is important to choose for grinding tomatoes.
  • It is always good to prefer stainless steel or food-grade plastic materials that are in contact with the food.
  • If the meat grinder is hot after the previous grinding task, then it should be left for a few minutes to cool down since the heat may cause a change in the taste of the sauce. And it may also harm the working of the meat grinder.
  • Before start using the meat grinder, the user has to ensure that all the parts are perfectly fit to the position to on the machine.


Every meat grinder has its specifications and way of working. Before owning a meat grinder for tomatoes, one has to go through the description of the product to find the compatibility of your need.

Meat grinders offer many advantages like grinding or mincing fruits, vegetables, nuts, and variety of meat. Even a beginner can use the meat grinders for preparing tomatoes for the parties or get together.

If you are a person that is looking for commercial meat grinders that can also work with tomatoes, you have a lot of options to find the best ones in the e-market that can do the job in a jiffy. So, meat grinders are a machine that can undoubtedly help in preparing tomato delicacies for various special occasions.

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