Can You Use a Meat Grinder as a Juicer?

Yes, you can use a meat grinder as a juicer if it has the juicing attachment. Some of the meat grinders come with juicer attachments, and some do not. If you find your meat grinder is compatible with separately purchased juicing accessories, then you can try attaching to your meat grinder to make the juice.

It is important to remember that if you try fixing any inappropriate attachment to your meat grinder, especially if it is an electric meat grinder, then it may not work properly with the provided add-on attachments.

Manual meat grinders can work well as a juicer to carry it wherever you go. Technology has gifted us varieties of home appliances that can ease out the cooking job. Juicing fruit or vegetable is easy using an electric meat grinder or manual meat grinder. You can get healthy, fresh, and tasty homemade juices that you can give for babies and sick elders.

Maintaining the meat grinder as juicer:

  • Juicer attachment has to be disassembled every time after use.
  • The parts should not be kept in the dishwasher for long hours in case if they are made of corrosive materials.
  • Should remove the parts completely to wash since there may be some fibers and seeds of the fruits or vegetables jammed in the edges.
  • Do not try inappropriate parts to fit the meat grinder.
  • Do not use sharp objects to clean the jamming in the manual meat grinder’s as well as electric meat grinder’s juicer attachments.
  • Once the machine is heated, it is good to wait to run it again.
  • It is suggested to wash with normal water or mild detergent rather than harsh or hot liquids.

Manual meat grinders that come with juicer attachments are perfect for your camping or traveling. It will give the satisfaction of making healthy juices and freshly ground meat for your menu. Juicer attachment allows you to do a variety of juice recipes.

Chefs that are beginners or home cooks for the first time can depend on meat grinders for juices, minced vegetables, or minced meat to start the preparation with confidence.

You can grind the fruits and vegetables for two or more times to extract the maximum juice. The juice obtained in the separate bowl will be filled with nutrients and minerals without much loss of health benefits.

Meat grinders if explored patiently, can give you a lot of ideas and innovative cooking assistance. Apart from juicing, mincing and grinding, meat grinders can also offer many different usages like extracting oil from seeds.

The usage depends on what type of meat grinder and attachments you have. To reduce stress, the user should know the description of the meat grinder and the working thoroughly before use.


Using a meat grinder for juicing fruits or vegetables will exclude the bitter taste since the seeds, pulp, and skin are separated. In no time, you can get tasty juices for the healthy family.

Meat grinders that come with juicing attachments are one of the most liked kitchen appliances by many chefs and home cooks. You can also get suitable juicing attachments separately from the online market for your meat grinder.

Since meat grinder has multiple utilities, it can be a bit confusing before choosing one for your kitchen. But, with a simple understanding and thorough reading of the product details, may help you get the exact invention that you want.


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Moorthi - November 30, 2020

Very good information.

Can you please recommend any good stainless steel meat grinder machine having good fruit juice attachment?

Appreciate very much!


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