Can a Meat Grinder Make Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is something every age group of people will fall in love with while eating and also while making. Anyone that uses a meat grinder will surely doubt if they see a pouch full of peanut and wonder whether their phenomenal machine can make beautiful peanut butter.

Meat grinders are intended to grind meat. However, some meat grinders can grind meat, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and also bones. Using a meat grinder, you can make peanut butter, but the end product may not meet your expectations sometime.

Using a meat grinder for grinding the nuts can, at times, make the cleaning process difficult since the nut may stick around the plate and the attachments after grinding.

You can make peanut butter by using a meat grinder, but the grainy ground peanut has to undergo further more grinding. Some may like the grainy texture of the peanut butter, and some chefs prefer smooth peanut butter for their recipes.

Since peanut is an oily bean, you will not face a lot of difficulties while grinding. The oil from the nut will help in lubrication and will not be hard for the user, and the machine grinds.

Different plates of the meat grinder can be tested for the needed texture while grinding the peanuts.

Manual meat grinder

Advantages of using meat grinder for peanut butter:

  • No pain: Since the beans are not hard, it is an advantage to grind quickly with the meat grinder. The whole process of making peanut butter is easy with the meat grinder.

The oil in the nut will enhance easy grinding.

  • Healthy option: Unadulterated healthy peanut butter can be gotten when made at home.

Cleaning the attachments after grinding peanut butter in any kitchen appliance is difficult where a meat grinder is not an exception.

Every meat grinder is made for specific functions and has its unique features. If you want to make use of the meat grinder for a various utility like grinding, slicing, stuffing sausage, juicing, and milling, then you need to look into the product specifications and attachments to meet your needs.

For making peanut butter, you can keep the suitable plate and grind the nuts; the spaghetti-like crushed nut will get extracted, which can further be sent back for grinding to receive the perfect textured peanut butter. But, remember, most of the meat grinder-tried peanut butter will be slightly grainy yet glossy even after several grindings.

A food processor can make better peanut butter than a meat grinder. When compared to a meat grinder, food processors may quickly burn out if working for a long time.

Nut butter machines


Using a meat grinder, you can make flavorful, healthy, and delicious peanut butter. When peanuts are ground using a manual meat grinder, the nuts are pressed and ground to a healthier version of the product. If you use an electric meat grinder, it may also give you nutrition intact peanut butter when worked at a slow speed.

If you are not satisfied with the result while using a food processor, blender, or meat grinder, then you can opt for the peanut butter machines that give beautiful creamy peanut butter.

If you don’t have any other optional machine to make peanut butter at home except meat grinder, then you can experiment with attempting it for your self-satisfaction. Apart from peanut, you can also grind other soft nuts like hazelnut, walnut, almond, cashew nut in a meat grinder, but the result may be similar to that of peanut.



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