Can a Manual Meat Grinder Grind Bones?

Grinding meat is an exciting process to make your delicious handmade burger, sausages, and many more. Some users may find grinding meat more comfortable than grinding bones. Manual meat grinders are easy to grind meat that is without bones and tendons. Grinding bones using a manual grinder is also possible.

Whenever you see a lot of meat, you also think about how to use a lot of bones. Every family that eats meat will have plenty of bones left after a wonderful dinner.

Grinding raw bones is more relaxed than grinding cooked bones. A manual meat grinder can grind thin bones effortlessly though it requires some muscle work. By grinding bones, you can provide healthy BARF for your pets.

Manual meat grinder

To consider grinding the bones using a manual meat grinder, you should first understand the food preferences of your dog or cat. Poultry bones are soft than large animal bones that are hard and dense like beef, goat, and pork.

By making bone food, you can hygienically enrich the pet’s health. Since calcium is one of the essential nutrients required for a healthy growing friend at home, it is always better to use the leftover bones for their better living.

Advantages of using a manual meat grinder for grinding bones:

  • You can avoid spending on expensive electric meat grinders.
  • You can give a healthy diet for your pets.
  • Easy to clean.

Disadvantage of using a manual meat grinder for grinding bones:

  • Cannot grind bones in a jiffy.
  • The crushed bones sometimes may contain unevenly broken and sharp bone pieces, which would be dangerous for the pets.
  • Skeptical stability while grinding bones.
  • Time-consuming and cannot grind a large number of bones at a time.

Points to remember before attempting to grind the bones using manual meat grinder:

  • The bones have to be cut into smaller pieces.
  • More substantial and harder bones must be avoided.
  • Raw bones are preferably good.
  • Tendon and hard tissues must be excluded before adding the bones into the funnel.
  • Poultry bones can be ground to expected texture than any large animal bones.
  • Check the instruction manual before starting the process.
  • Grinding soft bones will require less effort from the user side.
Single clamp manual meat grinder


Grinding bones using heavy-duty electrical meat grinder is seamless than using a manual meat grinder. In spite of certain drawbacks, a manual meat grinder can also work like a pro to grind soft bones.

The extra fat in the bone can also help in the digestion of your four-legged pet. In case of any jamming, it will be easy to clean the manual meat grinder. Thigh and the rib bones of poultry are soft bone parts that can be sent for grinding into the manual meat grinder. According to the size of the manual meat grinder, you can select the bones to grind.

The ground bones can be stored in the fridge for long time use. After using the manual meat grinder, it should be washed thoroughly and dried for the next use. If you want to grind a large number of bones, you have to opt for a heavy-duty commercial electric meat grinder.



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