Can I Use Meat Grinder for Vegetables

The meat grinder is one of the essential machines in every household that includes meat in the diet. Both electric and manual meat grinders can be used not only to grind meat but also vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Meat grinder with a wide range of uses makes it a beautiful appliance that can replace a food processor or mixer in the kitchen.

Some chefs and home cooks may even consider meat grinder as a useful kitchen appliance for chopping, grinding, slicing, mincing, making pasta, sausages, etc. Meat grinders are quick and operational for any recipes that call for coarse methods.

Also, meat grinders can make purees of soft vegetables and fruits. Meat grinders are known to cause uniform food texture for recipes like meatballs, sausages, falafels, pasta, etc. Chopping nuts is one of the difficult tasks when you make pastries. You can finely chop the nuts for cookies and cake recipes using meat grinder very quickly than chopping by a knife.

The different sizes of blades that come along with the meat grinder can make excellent, coarse, and medium pieces of the vegetables. Greens like cilantro can also be chopped finely for soups, salads, salsa, and sausages.

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Points to remember:

  • Have to check whether the meat grinder can grind vegetables or anything else apart from the meat grinder.
  • Keep a vessel below the tube where the juice is extracted while grinding the vegetables.
  • The pieces of the vegetables should be cut in the proper size to grind through quickly.
  • Vegetables like ginger and high fiber vegetables must be cut into smaller pieces to mince properly.
  • Choose the plates to achieve your desired consistency.

A meat grinder is a healthy option to grind vegetables, fruits, and meat. You will get more satisfied when the work is done within a few minutes with all the nutrients packed.

The fast and smooth working of a meat grinder will put your life at ease. For big vegetables, you need to cut them into four to five pieces to send them for grinding, and small vegetables can be cut into few chunks for better grinding.

But there is a difference between grinding meat and vegetables in the meat grinder. Some vegetables may be hard to mince in the meat grinder to obtain the desired texture, but meat may always come out in the expected consistency.

If you are a person that wants to keep the kitchen simple with only a few things, then a meat grinder can be the replacement of all grinders and mixers in the kitchen. You can save a lot of your expenses to buy owning a meat grinder. It can save your penny and let you make a lot out of it.

Heavy-duty meat grinders can mince and grind vegetables very quickly. The meat grinder is not only useful to make meat recipes but also it can help in making a lot of vegan recipes.

Grinding vegetables, fruits, and nuts using a hand crank meat grinder can save money, electricity, and also time. Though grinding vegetables using a manual meat grinder might require some physical effort, it may comparatively be less than grinding meat.


The drawback of using a meat grinder for vegetables and fruits is that you need to collect the juice that comes out whenever you grind them. Before the meat grinder minces the vegetable like potatoes or ginger, you need to keep a bowl to collect the juices.


While grinding vegetables and fruits using an electric meat grinder, one should see the instruction manual to know whether the meat grinder is compatible with veggies and fruits.

Meat grinders are also easy to clean and maintain after chopping, mincing, grinding and slicing vegetables. Most of the parts of the meat grinders are dishwasher safe and are simple to assemble. Hard vegetables that are difficult to chop in conventional methods can be effortlessly minced in a meat grinder.

Chopping the vegetables into smaller pieces will make the grinding faster. And grinding vegetables and fruits using a hand crank meat grinder is safer than any electrical kitchen appliance.

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