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Meat grinders are a marvelous machine in the modern kitchen that grinds meat at regular intervals of time. Meat grinders in western countries are most common than in Asian countries. In India, meat grinders are rarely used and are most usually used in restaurants and food stores. In recent years meat grinders have gained popularity among Indians due to the love to try western foods at home and also to make homemade pet food easier.

Comparison Chart

Serial NoProduct NamePowerStyleAttachmentsBody MaterialFoot pedalCompatibility with bonesButtons
1CHHELL 2200W Electric Meat Grinder2200 WattsElectric meat grinder3 grinding plates, one cutting knife, meat pusher, kubbe attachment, sausage funnel, and juicing attachmentsHeavy duty plastic and stainless steel body.NoCan grind thin bonesON, OFF and Reverse button
2KT Traders Nova NMG-20HP Electric Meat Grinder800 WattsElectric meat grinderTwo grinding plates, one cutting knife, and meat pusherHeavy duty plastic and stainless steel body.NoCan grind thin bonesON and OFF button

Preparing ground meat at home is about the satisfaction of giving healthy and hygienic food to the family. It can also reduce the expense of getting ground meat from the shops which may be contaminated and may contain preservatives.

The user-friendly design makes a lot of new users try this wonder machine. You can store the ground meat according to your need and the meat grinder also grinds nuts, spices and makes juicing possible with the appropriate attachments. In this section, let us see about the top two meat grinders that are rated most popular amongst the end-users.

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Reviews of Best Meat Grinder in India

1) CHHELL 2200W Electric Meat Grinder

CHHELL 2200W Electric Meat Grinder
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This electric meat grinder comes with a max power of 2200 watts. And the machine produces less noise while running which is one of the essential add-ons. The three metal grinding plates are used for various textures of the ground meat.

The polished aluminum tray helps in holding a sufficient amount of meat for grinding. There is one cutting knife that can be sharpened in future use. Other attachments include a meat pusher, kubbe attachment, sausage funnel, and juicing attachments.

The 3 buttons ON, OFF and Reverse offers smooth operation. The reverse function releases any jamming caused. This simple looking and great working electric meat grinder are perfect for home use and small scale commercial use.

Over grinding will cause overheating, and thus the machine is said to be cooled for a few minutes before starting the other batch of grinding. The rubber grips in the bottom protect the meat grinder from shaking.


  • Durable.
  • Produces less noise.
  • It comes with juicing attachments.
  • Reverse functions release congestion.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Self-sharpening cutting knife.


  • Cannot grind bones.
  • Parts are not dishwasher safe.

2) KT Traders Nova NMG-20HP Electric Meat Grinder

KT Traders Nova NMG-20HP Electric Meat Grinder
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This electric meat grinder works with 800 Watts power. The heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel body make it look sophisticated and the durable parts are added advantage.

The meat grinder comes with extended cord and the adjustable knobs are easy to handle. This electric meat grinder comes with a meat pusher, food-grade plastic tray, 2 different grinding plates and one cutting knife.

The high power lets the user grind quickly and makes the job easier. This meat grinder does not come with juicing attachment and hence not compatible with juicing.

The meat grinder is compact and can fit a small kitchen countertop. The feeding tray can hold the needed amount of meat for every grinding. The ON and OFF switch is easy to operate and makes it easy even for first-time users.

Not all the parts are dishwasher safe and cannot grind thin bones very often using this meat grinder. This meat grinder can be best suited for a small family that grinds meat regularly.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Compact body.
  • Perfect for doing simple meat grinding work without hassle.


  • Not recommended to grind bones.
  • It does not have a reverse function to release jamming.


Q1: Do these meat grinders come with a foot pedal?

Ans: No, they don’t come with a foot pedal.

Q2: Can they be used for commercial purposes?

Ans: No, they cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Q3: Can these electric meat grinders grind chicken legs?

Ans: Grinding chicken leg can be avoided since it would be hard for the machine. Grinding thin bones are possible with these meat grinders.


A meat grinder is a fantastic machine in the kitchen that can make almost all your grinding work easier without much stress. Both manual and electric meat grinder offers their unique assistance to prepare minced meat.

Grinding thin bones is possible with any meat grinder, but it is advisable to grind bones only when required and not frequently.

If you are a sausage and burger lover, then you should possess a tool like a meat grinder to do the needful in your kitchen. Though meat grinder users are less in India, the awareness of the device is yet widespread and earning fans.


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