Best Meat Grinder For Wild Game

Meat grinders have always been essential, but now their use is growing among hunters who have started using it to grind their own game. The do-it-yourself route also gives them a chance to feast on a more affordable and rewarding meal of their own choice depending on what they hunt.

A meat grinder can only do an excellent job if it’s a high-quality model. Fortunately, in this article, we have compiled a list of the best meat grinders in the market for satisfying your everyday desire from post-hunt snack to burgers.

Reviews of Best Meat Grinder for Wild Game

1. STX-3000-TF Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder

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STX Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder grinds the meat to produce tiny and fine minces. This meat grinder is one of the more advanced models. It has a unique air cooling technology that doubles the lifespan of the device. The meat grinders help to make burgers and sausages galore.

The STX Turbo force can process a significant amount of meat in a short space of time. This machine is capable of handle raw meat chicken and duck bones in an expert manner. The grinder comes with three cutting blades, four grinding plates and it also has three speeds. It has a high, low and reverses working speed and mode. The grinder comes with good quality and durability which sets it apart from the others.

The STX Turboforce meat grinder features a 1200 watt motor, a foot pedal to control, 2 inches feeding tube and 2.5 inches output. This meat grinder has three stainless steel cutting blades, three pieces of sausage tubes and kubbe attachment.

2. STX-3000-MF Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder

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If you are looking for a meat grinder, STX International’s STX 3000 MF mega force electric meat grinder will meet your needs. This meat grinder comes at a standard size of 12 units. The meat grinder is constructed out of cast aluminum that is food grade as well as polished. The meat grinder is popularly known for its quality, reliability, and functionality.

The meat grinder has a powerful air-cooled motor which sets the meat grinder apart and can potentially add a longer lifespan. The air cooler prevents the motor from overheating. It also has a patented air induction feature. The grinding blades and cutting plates come in matching sizes. Use a matched pair of blades and grinding plates to provide a more precise grind to your meat. The grinding plates and cutting blades have been manufactured in fine, medium and coarse sizes.

The grinding plates are crafted out of tempered steel. The attachments are finished with the inclusion of three tubes for stuffing sausages and a kubbe attachment. A circuit can breaker has been included in the design so that the unit will shut down safely when required.

The STX International electric meat grinder features 3000 watts of motor, locked peak output power. If you are making pet food, it is ideal for including small bones. It has three speeds for grinding which are high, low and reverse. There is a particular feature to add momentum to the grinding process. The unit will grind 175 to 225 pounds per hour on low speed.

3. STX-4000-TB2-PD Electric Meat Grinder

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The STX 4000 TB2 Turboforce II Meat Grinder gives the stylish appearance and outstanding performance. The meat grinder is loved for its power, speed as well as the new features. The meat grinder has an innovative design element with a cooling system which ensures the grinder’s motor remains cool, even under load.

It is crafted out of the cast and polished aluminum. This STX meat grinder comes at a standard size of 12 units. For anyone who needs a grinder proficient in controlling large quantities of meat, this air cooled grinder is quick. The cooling feature is also reputed to double the life of the grinder, a feature designed to save you money. This meat grinder comes in two colors white and black.

There is a bean plate included which allows for quick stuffing of sausages. The meat grinder runs on a 2000 watts motor which under load provides plenty of power for grinding. If the grinder is not loaded, the wattage is 600 W. The grinder has three speeds for grinding low, high and reverse. If you are looking for a superior, great performing electric meat grinder that can handle large quantities with ease, the STX 4000 is a good choice.

The Feed tube size is 2 inches in diameter and allows for fast feeding of meat through the unit. The Output diameter is 2 ½ inches, again an ideal size for grinding large quantities. The Kubbe Attachment enables sausage stuffers to be attached to the unit. The capacity of this meat grinder is up to 225 lbs of meat grounded every hour on high speed, ensuring fast and large grinding jobs. A circuit breaker is installed which provides the unit, cut out before the damage can occur for safety.

4. Sunmile SM-G33 Electric Meat Grinder

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If you are seeking a reliable brand of grinders, Sunmile grinder provides an excellent value for money due to its overall affordability as well as its reliable long-term performance. For anyone who has an intent of grinding their meat, the Sunmile grinder provides a relatively quiet grinding experience with a powerful motor.

It is a mid-range meat grinder with a combination of power, style and a fantastic price to boost. This model has an 800w motor which is capable of grinding up to 170 lbs of meat per hour, enough for anyone’s taste buds. It also has a sizeable over-sized tray to allow you to fit plenty of cut meat which also helps with faster grinding. It has only a single button operation to switch ON/OFF.

This Meat grinder comes with three stainless steel blade, 3 Plates, and 3 Sausage attachments. The compact and powerful grinder comes in 13.6 x 6.2 x 13.6 inches which are perfectly suitable for the novice-intermediate hobby chef or a hunter looking to process meat on a semi-regular basis.

5. LEM Products 1158 LEM Mighty Bite Grinder

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The LEM Mighty Bite Meat Grinder has proven to be a favorite grinder. For anyone who is just a beginner in grinding their meat, this is an ideal choice. It offers an opportunity to acquire a mid-range grinder, which is both good in price and functionality.

It works great for both domestic as well as commercial use. The electric grinder works best for soft and hard bones. The Mighty Bite 1158 is praised by both hunters and non-hunters alike for its performance and functionality. It is capable of grinding through vast quantities of meat efficiently. The sausage stuffing attachments that come with the unit are also popular that there are a variety and range of choices available. There are three different size stuffing tubes for making homemade sausages.

It is equipped with meat tray, metal gears with roller bearings, meat stomper, 3stainless steel plates and three stuffing tubes. The meat grinder has a 0.75 horsepower induction motor with 110V and 550 Watts. The motor is capable of grinding with a speed of 11 pounds per minute. A built-in circuit breaker is present to prevent damages to the motor with probable power issues.

It has two stainless-steel cutting plates for fine and coarse grinding with 3/16 inches and 3/8 inches holes respectively. The stainless steel solid construction makes the grinder long lasting and easily movable. This meat grinder grinds meat faster with a speed of 360 lbs/hour. It grinds all types of meat, including soft and pliable chicken bones. This product is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.

6. Weston #22 Manual Tinned Meat Grinder

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The Weston Manual tinned meat grinder is an efficient manual meat grinder which helps you to make minced meat with ease. The product is easy to fix on the countertop. The good news is that you can also disassemble it easily for cleaning. There will be no mess, and the maintenance is effortless. The product is completely portable; you can store it easily in your kitchen.

The manual meat grinder comes with accessories such as sausage stuffing kit, knife, and funnels of three different sizes. The Clamp of the meat grinder attaches with ease on the countertop. The grinder is equipped with heavy-duty nylon bearing for long life. It is available in four sizes to accommodate any size job. It has durable cranking handle to grind. It possesses rubber pads to prevent damage to the countertop.

7. 1400 Watt Industrial Electric Meat Grinder

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The 1400 watt industrial electric meat grinder is an efficient manual meat grinder which helps you to make minced meat with ease. The meat grinder is constructed out of stainless steel which makes it durable and easy to clean. The dominant 1400 watt motor power coarsens slices or grinds meat with ease. This meat grinder is perfect for both domestic and commercial use.

The meat grinder has a versatile multi-function unit. It has three different cutting accessories for coarse and fine grinds of meat. The Kubbe attachment helps in making stuffed meat dishes. The meat grinder’s stomper and compact design make for convenient storage. The grinder features output speed of three to four pounds per minute. The safety circuit breaker prevents the motor from burning out by providing cool air from the air cooler.

A Final Word

After a wild game, grinding your meat gives you a complete satisfaction. All these meat grinders come with powerful motor and all accessories that you need for grinding the most robust bones and meat. However, make a wise decision by comparing both the pros and cons of each model. In the end, trust your instincts and buy the perfect meat grinder depending on your need and budget.


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